pietra grey marble production center

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Niayesh.Stone : About us Niayeh Stone Niayesh Stone was established in the year 2001, benefiting the experience of great Iranian Quarry Extractor Pioneer Mr. Ghadam Ali Haji Hashemi (known in Iran as Ghadam Ghanbar), by Mr. Hamid Reza Haji Hashemi with the aim of promoting and growing export markets for processed and unprocessed slabs, tiles and blocks. Niayesh Stone Group is one of the most experienced and best known pietra grey marble factories and quarry owners in Iran. Mr.Hamid Reza Haji Hashemi is pietra grey marble quarry shareholder and a member of stone cutting employers national institutional association. After two decades of using modern machinery and technologies and achieving annual production capacity of one hundred and ten thousand square meters, Niayesh Stone has become an honored well-reputed name Pioneer in Pietra Grey Marble (local name Lashotor) Extraction and Production among construction, stone and mining industries.www.niayeshstone.com whatsapp +989134449317